Napattiga Latex Products

Napattia product of Natural latex from Thailand which using rubber leaf trademark.Moreover Napattga means latex which bringhopeto life. Napattiaga persist in produsing and Sale Our product with philosphy and insisto n giving natuturl produsct and good for health.



The oil massage will seep the skin this is good for users’ skin; it stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, restores moisture skin, reduces wrinkle, develops skin condition, fades scars, reduces skin roughness and be fascinated. Most of ingredients are Thai herbs such as Barleria Lupulna, Mint, Menthol, Borneol, Cinnamomum camphora, Eucalyptus Oil, Seaweed, Methyl salicylate, etc.

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Green Herbal Balm

Properties: Reduces spinal pain very well, Relieves itching, aches and insect bite/sting, Fragrant and relieves dizziness. This product of our brand is popular in Thailand because it meets the needs of health conscious customers, it is also exported abroad.


"NAPATTIGA" Several years ago we researchaed and improved the production and sale of latex beding milk tablet and green herbal balm in Thailand we also persist in global managing and emphahasized with customer health..


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